About Us

Who We Are

River City Cruizers was founded in January, 2020 by a group of classic car enthusiast mostly from other car clubs in the Richmond area. Our goal was to break the mold of car clubs that were exclusive to certain makes, years, or types of cars. While there is nothing wrong with these types of clubs (if that vehicle is your only interest) it greatly restricted the ability of such a group to expand, share their knowledge, and open their eyes to the many, many types of vehicles that are involved in the car hobby. With RCC it doesn’t matter what brand or type of car or truck you own. All are welcomed to apply as long as you are passionate about the car hobby and have a desire to help others while having fun doing it.

What We Do

Our main goal is to support small local area charities that are usually overlooked by the companies which support the national large charitable organizations. These smaller charities do not have the funding to promote their needs on a large scale in order to attract financial donors. We seek out these local small nonprofits and offer them our support by hosting car shows and cruise-ins with the support of local area businesses and other financial supporters that have a desire to help but may not have the funds to support nationally. Our donors are recognized as the sponsors of our events which in turn promotes their business within their own community which is where the local small businesses need to be promoted. This makes for a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone; the charity in need, the supporting businesses in the community, and expanding the awareness of River City Cruizers in order to attract additional like minded members.